Why Use A College Consultant?

The college admission process has continued to increase in complexity in spite of the many efforts to make it easier. In spite of projected declines in high school graduation rates, and an economic crisis that has pushed private college attendance out of reach for some, the competition for admission to top colleges in both the private and public sector has continued to skyrocket. YES College Planning and Consulting will help you with all aspects of the college planning and application process. Following an extensive initial interview, you will have easy access to help whenever you want or need assistance.

Today’s high school counselors are often responsible for anywhere from 150 to nearly 1000 students, depending on the location and the level of school funding. Working with both Dr. Yarwood as your educational consultant and your assigned counselor at school, you will have the best of both worlds. You will be able to have prompt and competent assistance whenever and wherever you need it. Some of the key areas in which you can count on assistance include:

  • Researching colleges and narrowing your list
  • Making course selection decisions for the junior and senior year of high school
  • Deciding which college admission tests you will take and when you will take them
  • Planning college visits
  • Investigating summer opportunities during high school
  • Completing college applications
  • Writing college essays
  • Preparing for college interviews
  • Finding information about and applying for scholarships and financial aid
  • Selecting the one college you will attend